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Information about the Korg M3

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picture of the Korg M3

Listen to the Korg M3 through these:

Yamaha StagePas 300 & 500, Roland SA-300 (a pair), Peavey KB-5

Recording tools for your Korg M3

Yamaha AW1600 hard disk-based multitrack recorder, Boss MicorBR

Korg D888 hard disk-based recording studio, Korg D4, Zoom H4

Alesis MultiMix 8USB mixer/audio interface

Korg M3 Description

The genre busting M3 synth/workstation/sampler (compared by Korg to the legendary M1), new for NAMM Jan 07, features Korg's industrial design language first seen on the RADIAS, and has the RADIAS MMT sound generation engine, many features from the high-end OASYS, and some new features seen for the first time on any Korg keyboard, including: “virtualized hardware” for closer integraion with DAWs; Drum Track function; new high-res. 16-track MIDI sequencer, and has a colour touch screen user interface.

Available as 61 key, 76 key (semi-weighted) & 88 key (weighted) keyboard formats, or as a module only (M3-M). The frame allows the 76-key keyboard frame to host an M3 and a RADIAS, and the 88 key keyboard frame to host two M3s.

M3 Xpanded

This Sept. '09 update adds better sounds, slicker UI, upgraded sequencer, general all round brush-up. Free upgrade for existing M3 owners.

Full specification of Korg M3

Korg M3 reviews

Overview by Korg's Stephen Kay on YouTube

IT-review (p)review of Korg M3 parts 1 and 2

Korg M3 resources

Korg M3 manual as soon as it is available

Korg M3 Editor as soon as it is available

Alternatives to the Korg M3

Korg OASYS, Korg Triton Extreme

Yamaha S90ES, Yamaha XS8

Roland V-Synth GT, Roland G70

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